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UI/UX   ·   Graphic Design   ·   Product Design   ·   Game Development

UI/UX Software Design - Inq-ITS Virtual Labs

Inq-ITS is self-grading science software for middle and high school students.

I did all graphical and UI/UX design for the software, and did all work designing and creating the website.

UI/UX Specific Case - Inq-ITS "Leaky Funnel" Project

The Leaky Funnel redesign project was an overhaul of the Inq-ITS software interface to make the flow easier to understand for new users. I designed and created all wireframes, mockups, and assets related to this project. 


My focus in this redesign was ensuring that users always understood where they were in the software and had direction on where to go when first logging in. Since many of our users (teachers and administrators) are older or otherwise not tech-savvy, I moved away from using icons without wording to help users without native icon knowledge, and used larger font sizes since our users are more likely to have sight impairments. 

After implementing my design changes, user retention for Inq-ITS dramatically increased, and we now receive a fraction of the help tickets and calls that we did with the older design.

Mobile UI/UX & Graphic Design - Ride The Bus App

Ride The Bus is a drinking game app coming to iOS and Android.

I did all UI/UX and graphic design for the app.