Design Work

These images are a sampling of my various design-based projects.

More images and information are in the sections below.

UI/UX Software Design - Inq-ITS Virtual Labs

Inq-ITS is self-grading science software for middle and high school students.

I did all graphical and UI/UX design for the software, and did all work designing and creating the website.

Graphic Design - Physical Products

In addition to digital graphic and UI/UX design, I have made multiple physical products.

All products shown below are entirely my own work.

Digital Art - Commissions

Outside of my work at companies, I have taken several commissions from artists and businesses.

Graphic Design - Ride The Bus App

Ride The Bus is a drinking game app coming to iOS and Android.

I did all graphic design and asset creation for the app.

Graphic Design - EcoKids and the Paper Pests

EcoKids and the Paper Pests is an educational game on invasive species made in 2015.

I was the lead graphic designer and asset creator on the team.

My name is Patrick Roughan, and I'm a creative living in Boston, MA. I started off doing game development, and have expanded to graphic/UI/UX design, ink illustration, writing, and anything else that fulfills my need to create.


I am looking for a full-time position in graphic design, UI/UX design, or an adjacent field. I am a self-motivated employee who seeks to make projects as great as they can be, as shown by my experience founding a start-up company and being in a leadership role for multiple projects.



LinkedIn: Pat Roughan
Twitter: @patroughan
Art Instagram: @nullself