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Here at Starcap Games, we create experiences between people through the power of play. We also really like parties.

Check out our two printed games, Now Everyone Get the F%$# Out! and Zippy Drunks, or keep scrolling to see our expanding collection of completely free Print and Plays!


You and your fellow players are college students trying to study for a final, but there's a huge dorm hall party happening where you live, and your room is now swarmed with drunk partiers. The only way to get the partiers out so you can study is to make the other player's rooms more fun than yours, so the partiers will bother them instead. Take control of the party and get everyone the F%$# Out!

  • 15 to 20 minute game time, 3 to 5+ players

  • Fast paced, screw-your-friends style with high replayability

  • College party theme for laughs and excitement/nostalgia

  • 50 Items and 70 Actions to change the tide of gameplay

  • Rules variants for experienced players or over-21 players​


What is Zippy Drunks?
Zippy Drunks is a “sampler platter” of drinking games and party activities, all summed up onto individual minigame cards. How you use the cards is up to you, as long as you get drunk. With 50 games sorted into five color-coded categories, these cards make it easy to choose how you're going to get drunk next.

Play it Your Way
Play by the included Zippy Drunks ruleset, use them to replace a playing card deck for Kings, or find a new way to play. It’s up to you!

Everything on Each Card
All the information you need to play each game is summed up on a single card, including rewards, penalties, and point values (for the competitive crowd).​

Game Categorization
Each card color corresponds to a different category of game. Red is Instant, Green is Constant, Blue is Words, Yellow is Actions, and Purple is Strip. Add or remove cards as you see fit; this game is all about getting you drunk in the most fun way for your play group.



Rulesets are games that don't require printing, just things that you may have around the house.

Drinking Games

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